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Esther Atkins

At an early age my parents began my training with a focus in music. I began cello lessons at age 3 and have been singing in choirs since before I could read. I’ve been able to harness my experience as a musician into some of my greatest strengths as an athlete and as a coach.

Looking back over the year I can attribute the majority of my success to my ability in sensing the signals I receive from my body while running. Over my career I have run 8 marathons under 2:40:00, and in 4 of them I’ve finished in a negative split (running the second half faster than the first). Listening to the details has been key to this development.

Paying close attention to recovery and form has taught me what it takes to remain a consistent performer on the highest levels of competition – in 2014 I won the USA Marathon Championship. I’ve represented the United States in the World Marathon Championships as well as qualified for 2 Olympic Marathon Trials with my most recent finish of 11th in 2016.

Although I am very serious about my running, it still remains a great source of joy in my life. As a result, I have become known to marathon spectators around the world as “the smiler.” You can learn more about me here:

Working within the McKirdy Trained system, I will be able add my own twist of effort-focused training to equip my athletes with the tools they need to run their best races ranging from the 5k to the marathon.

For 6 years I have coached individuals to their best efforts. From running 4:15 in a marathon at 60 years of age to the more competitive side of having 3 women break 3 hours in a marathon, I am honored and excited to bring my skills to the McKirdy Trained Family!

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