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John Raneri

My path to running started modestly. Like many runners, my vehicle was soccer.  At a young age being on the field was exhilarating but I realized my ability suited better on the roads and track. When I joined the middle school cross country team, initially, it served as something social until I found myself eager to return the next day.


Transitioning to high school proved to be a wild ride. I didn’t hit my full stride until senior year, acquiring a checklist of accomplishments and fostering a positive attitude. I set Connecticut State records and even raced to my first National Championship in the 5k.

The transition from high school to running at the University of North Carolina was challenging but fulfilling. Those five years taught me more about the sport than any other period in my life.  My teammates became family – my brothers for life. Although I was running faster than ever, these years taught me how to work hard towards my dreams – that nothing comes easy. Adjusting to a higher level of competition requires sacrifices, hard work, discipline, and self-belief. Trusting in the process resulted in personal records across the board from 800m to 10k along with three All-ACC acknowledgments in Cross Country.

After graduating with a double major in Sports Administration and Communications, I still felt that I could grow athletically. I reached out for help to guide me in my goals and I was able to qualify for the Olympic Trials in the marathon running a 2:18.


Through my experiences as a professional athlete I have found the value in listening and patience. I have learned that training can’t always be perfect and that it’s far better to be 100% healthy and 90% fit vs. being in the best shape of my life but not being able to start a  race because of injury.

A year in a half later, I am still building on this ground work and laying down the foundation for something greater. The key is consistency and continuity. I attribute my current level of fitness to being under the same system for two years. I have faith in my coach and I listen. We make the coach/athlete relationship work by trusting and believing in the process as a unit. Remembering that progress is made everyday by completing smaller goals leading to larger goals is the first step.


McKirdy Trained offers exactly what I’m looking for in my own experience as an athlete. This is why I’m so excited to become part of the McKirdy Trained coaching family. As your coach I’ll guide you towards the goals you have and beyond. We’ll develop slowly but consistently. And though there may be bumps along the way, because “life” happens from time to time, I’ll be there every step of the way for you – regardless of your ability.


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