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Michael Crouch

“AS WE RUN, WE BECOME”. — Amby Burfoot —

Whether you want to become a Boston Qualifier, an advocate for charity races, or even become a part of the elite few who are chasing an Olympic Trials standard, your running experience is defined by whatever you want it to be. No one runs your race for you. No one gets to say who you are as a runner; only YOU get to do that. This is a major component in how I coach and why I coach; guiding you in whatever you would like to achieve, facilitating your intrinsic motivation towards your goals as you become the best runner can be.

My decision to quit running professionally was one of the most painful and emotionally draining choices I have ever had to make. Previously, I had found great success in college as a 3-time Division II National Champion in Cross Country, the indoor 5k, and the outdoor 1500m events. I signed a professional running contract with Reebok/ZAP Fitness in 2011, and was living what some would call a runner’s “dream life.” Sleep, run, eat, nap, run, became my daily mantra. However, years of overuse injuries that had accumulated from high intensity running and racing left my body broken and battered. This caused me to struggle mentally as well as physically. I thought my final professional race on July 4th of 2013 would be the last time I would ever cross a finish line.

My wife Sarah and I left North Carolina and moved to California, and I had planned on starting a career that was as far from running as I could get. But little did I know, it wasn’t running I needed to get away from but rather that I needed to redefine myself and BECOME the runner I always wanted to be. I slowly started running again and decided that I would redirect some of my love for running into coaching. So in 2014 my wife and I packed up our small apartment in South Lake Tahoe, CA and moved across the country to the East Coast for my first collegiate coaching opportunity. Coaching allows me to lead by example and show my athletes what hard work looks like. It was during that fall that I signed up for my first marathon, the Mount Desert Island Marathon in Bar Harbor, Maine. To date… with all of my collegiate and professional experience… this was by far the best running experience I have ever had.

Since then I have now completed three marathons and I truly believe the sky is the limit. Running has shaped me into a person I never thought I could be. I have had the privilege of being coached by American Record holders and other nationally renowned coaches. I have had the opportunity to hear the stories and experiences of many of the best runners in the world and to see the heartache and glorious moments of these runners throughout their journey. All of this has shaped me and guided me to be the coach I am today.


I’m honored to bring what I’ve learned and will continue to learn into the McKirdy Trained coaching family. I very much look forward to developing athletes of all abilities work towards their goals and dreams and I know that I can offer them far more than any pre-made coaching plan that one might find in a magazine or book.

Here are a few fundamentals of my coaching philosophy:


1, Consistency is key

We don’t need to set the world on fire right away. Steady training will produce steady results

2. Use it or lose it

Consistently being in touch with speed, endurance and muscle strength year-round in moderation will allow an athlete’s body to react to all racing circumstances.

3. Run easy, train hard

Recovering between hard workouts is vital in order to develop and elevate an athlete’s physical fitness levels. I’ll make sure you work hard at recovery!

4. Mental Preparation

We have all heard the saying “running is 90% mental and 10% physical”. At McKirdy Trained we help with both aspects to ensure your success – but also to keep the joy in what you do!

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