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Ryan Dohner

My involvement with the sport of running began while I was still wearing diapers. Traveling to cross country and track meets with my dad on weekends throughout every year of my childhood, I was immersed by the culture of RUNNING. People that know my family consider running to be in our blood. My dad was a collegiate runner turned successful High School coach. My two brothers were runners, with the younger of the two currently running at Rice University. As for myself, I was blessed to have the talent and dedication to continue running for a professional team. Into my high school years I was coached by Steve Magness, who is now considered one of the most prominent professional running coaches in the country. His guidance led me to a state championship victory and scholarship to run for the University of Texas in Austin. Fast forward six more years and I am running for one of the strongest long distance training groups in the country based out of Flagstaff, AZ called Northern Arizona Elite. A recurring theme in my coaches was a strong belief in their athletes and a passion to see them succeed that surpassed their own personal gain. This is the philosophy that I embrace and want all runners to experience in a coach.

In 2013 my love for the sport of running took me to Kenya where I spent two weeks training and learning from the best runners in the world. The Kenyan way of life teaches just how important positivity, determination, and relaxation are in succeeding your goals I love sharing my experiences to give people a different outlook on their current experience of life.


I fully understand the struggles of injuries and overcoming the mental battle to return back to form. Due to my lengthy injury history I have developed an extensive knowledge of injury rehab and prevention. I know how the mental and emotional toll of injuries can be even harder than the physical side.  A passion of mine is helping others work through injuries and prevent them from recurring.

I started working track camps and 5k training groups during my years in college. Coaching for Luke’s Locker in Austin, TX taught me how important an equal coach-athlete relationship can be. I take pride in putting myself in another person’s “running” shoes. There’s a special joy that comes from helping each runner based on their life story.  Whether it is finishing a 5k race or qualifying for the Olympic trials marathon, every runner deserves the same amount of attention to help achieve a goal.


The ability to exercise healthy enriches life. The overwhelming encouragement I have received in my life has compelled me to do the same for others. My ambition is to inspire knowledge and self confidence in people. I believe in strong communication and an individualized plan that is still rooted in science. Overall I want to make the experience of running more interesting and fulfilling for all people.

My vision is to steward runners towards improving their ability to run feeling healthy and strong.


Personal Bests:


10k: 29:01

½ Marathon: 64:26

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