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Sarah Crouch

My life as a professional athlete and coach today is tied to a brief moment over a decade ago that planted a seed I’ve been watering ever since. Every year, the best forty high school runners in Washington state race the best forty runners in Oregon at the end of the cross-country season in a race called Border Clash. During my sophomore year of high school, I managed to squeak into the race as an alternate because enough of the girls that had finished ahead of me at the state championship decided not to go. That year, the guest speaker after the pre-race dinner was Olympian Shalane Flanagan. She didn’t mince words and I liked that. “Sure”, she said, “The odds are against you”. She looked out at the group of us, 160 of the finest young runners in the Northwest and told us that the odds were that none of us, not one, would become a professional runner. Many would simply not improve enough, most would quit, and others would be sidelined by injuries and distractions and life. But maybe, maybe, one of us had what it took. Maybe one of us was willing to push hard enough, to give enough of ourselves to make it happen.

In the darkness of that room, in the openness of my own childish heart, I decided that if hard work was what it took to become a professional runner then I was going to run myself into the ground in pursuit of it. The next morning, in a race of 80 girls, I finished 72nd, struggling to the finish line long after the winner, but the seed was there. I don’t have a Cinderella story. Nothing happened overnight. Over time, I improved a little at a time and took tiny steps forward that added together after a number of years to open the door to professional running. It is this long-term consistency in training that I encourage my athletes to follow.

Your running is an investment. At McKirdy Trained, we understand that you are committing your time and energy and finances to the pursuit of your personal bests, and we work with you to make your running dreams a reality despite busy work and family schedules. My personal coaching philosophy revolves around:


-Goal Setting: Each week we will plan, adjust and develop towards the goals we set forth. I’ll help you keep focused through the highs and lows of training so we can develop a balance in your life.


-Aerobic Development: It’s not just running to run – we will develop all aspects of your fitness so you can work towards your full potential.


-Long-Term Consistency: Building a foundation of fitness year after year is what makes good athletes great. It is important to have a vision for the years ahead rather than living in the moment in a sport that is not about instant gratification.

Every runner deserves the opportunity to train like a pro. Every person who has the bravery to lace up and give it their best shot from point A to point B has earned the right to fully chase their potential and to explore the notion that perhaps the running high is the state in which they were always meant to be.


Whether your goal is to qualify for the Olympic Trials or to simply run a mile without stopping for the first time, choose to do it right. Let’s chase progress together!

Through the guidance and devotion of my own coaches I have seen growth too!

Here’s what I’ve done:

3-Time Olympic Trials Qualifier.

15:49 for road 5k

32:37 for 10K

54:15 for 10 mile

1:12:10 for Half Marathon

2:32:44 for Marathon

US Championship performances – 3rd at 10 mile, 5th at 10 mile, 6th at 20K, 8th at 15K.

NCAA DII Champ and National Meet Record Holder 10K.

13-time All American, NCAA Record for National Appearances (12).

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