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Tim Ritchie

Perhaps I have always been a runner in the making. I remember the nerves I felt before the gym class race around the elementary school, the thrill of stealing bases in little league games, the pride of wearing the same singlet as my older brothers in high school and the improvement I was making, step by step. At each stage along the way running provided for me opportunities to learn, fail, grow, succeed and get the most out of myself and the people around me.

Patience, hard work and the gentle encouragement by mentors and friends have lead me from barely completing a 400m run without vomiting to becoming the 10th fastest American ever over the half-marathon and an Olympic Trials Qualifier. I fell in love with this sport because the cliche is true – you really do get out of it what you put in. My experience began as a high school runner at Doherty High in Worcester MA where being the best in the city compared to winning an Olympic gold medal in our eyes. As the pond grew bigger so did my goals and ambition. This brought me to Boston College, new coaches, lessons, competitors and challenges all of which were vital in leading me to where I am now, a professional athlete for Saucony standing on start lines with the best runners in the world.

My running life, as any runner can relate, has not been a straight and flat road. Twists, turns, ups, downs, injuries, setbacks, losses and victories have been mile markers for me along the way. It is in these moments that true development takes place, both as a runner and as a person. It is here too that my coach and athlete spheres overlap.

I have always had a passion for helping other athletes achieve their goals, recognize their potential and feel the joy that I feel while running and so started coaching in 2010. Beginning in 2011, I helped to launch and coach a weekly run group from the Heartbreak Hill Running Company in Newton MA. At “Hill Club” we had runners from every background: first timers (people literally going for their first run) all the way to multi-time Boston Marathon qualifiers. In addition, for six years at Boston College, I’ve worked with over 100 athletes on their own paths to individual success within the context of team goals. Competing at the NCAA D1 Level, these athletes go head to head against the best in the country, but I’ve learned that what makes them standout athletes are the same principles that lead to improvement at any level.

I have found success to be rooted in gratitude and desire, developed with patience and consistency and achieved through hard work. I am looking forward to bringing my experience as an athlete, as well as coaching at many levels, to McKirdy Trained. If you are committed to progress, let’s get there together.

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