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Welcome to Big Sky – the Gym’s voted “Best Health & Fitness Centers” by the readers of the Hartford Advocate/CT Now from 2003-2016.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been running for years Big Sky is the perfect place to compliment your current running/training program.

Big Sky has EVERYTHING you need to make the changes YOU want to make. At Big Sky, we change lives!


Check it out at to see which location is best for you!

Newington                            New Britain

Simsbury                               Vernon


Better Gyms. Better Workouts. Better Results.

Having the right shoes and gear is extremely important. With a fit process that’s second to none and four locations throughout Connecticut, it’s easy to see why this is the place for all of your athletic needs.

SoundRunner also boasts the very best men’s and women’s team for USATF- CT. For more information on joining soundRunner racing email

Visit or stop in one of these locations:
Old Saybrook

Family Therapeutic Massage Center, LLC

In more than 27 years as experienced massage therapists, Richard and Deborah Testa are some of the best in their field. Richard Testa, who will earn his fifth credential for Massage Therapy during this year’s Olympic Games, is one of the country’s finest. It’s been an honor to get to know him over the past year, and he is truly a diamond in the rough here in CT. More information can be found on the center’s Facebook page HERE.

First Endurance was started by two racing fanatics (a cyclist and a triathlete) with a healthy obsession for sports nutrition. The idea was simple. We wanted to give endurance athletes access to formulas that are developed for one specific reason-to maximize endurance performance. At First Endurance, our approach is different. Because of our core values and uncompromising standards, we develop the best products available. We are committed to using only the highest-quality ingredients. We employ the latest technological advancements and demand the finest packaging materials to protect the product from the elements (moisture, oxygen and UV degradation). Only when we are 100% satisfied that these standards are met, do we offer the products to you.


First Endurance is the best fueling source you can find. The company is constantly looking for innovative ways to help athletes maximize their performances.

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