Crop Top


Bakline x McKirdy Trained custom print Riverside v2 crop top. Premium quality, lightweight and soft – and available in either green or blue design.

Everyone is different. You’ve likely spent a long time finding a sports bra that fits you best. This 1 ounce top (yes, that light) goes over your sports bra to give you some extra coverage, a splash of color, without sacrificing comfort. You’ll forget you have it on.

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82% polyester / 18% spandex & elastane

Constructed from two different fabric panels, the front is made of our signature buttery-soft performance fabric to give you great fit and breathability. The back panel is a light weight mesh, keeping you cool on a summer day and high performing on race day.


Some garments were professionally laundered after our house fire – if you have scent sensitivities or allergies to any laundry products, please let us know!


Green, Blue


XS, S, M