Customized Training Plans

From: $59.00

Customized training plans are a great option for an athlete who wants a more individualized approach to their training than a free, generic plan provides.

Plans are written specifically for you based on your current level of fitness and your race goal, and take into account individualized factors such as training history, injury history, time available to train, etc. Plans also include guidance on fueling concepts, taper, pacing strategies and proper warmups, as applicable.

Plans are written by Heather McKirdy, a USATF and VDOT certified running coach with 8 years of experience coaching runners at all ability levels in distances from 1 mile up to 100K.

Two options are available: plans with feedback, or just the plan.

Plans with feedback include weekly feedback on your workouts and overall training, and adjustments to the plan based on your performance. They also include a customized race plan for your goal race, including considerations made for weather and course specifics.

Plans are delivered through the VDOT training platform. The VDOT app is very user friendly, and it gives you the option to sync your workouts to your running watch. Just head out the door and your scheduled run for the day is pre-loaded into your watch! The data from your run syncs back to VDOT, allowing for your coach to analyze the data and provide feedback.

Plan Durations:
Marathon Plan: 16 weeks
Half Marathon Plan: 12 weeks
5K/10K Plan: 10 weeks

$79.00 / month for 3 months
$99.00 / month for 4 months
$59.00 / month for 3 months

Terms and Conditions:

  • Training plans with feedback will be billed on a monthly basis and by signing up for this type of plan, you do so with the intention of fulfilling the stated time frame of the commitment.